Trailers modifications

POLTrailer managed and engineered trailers are landmarks on the road! We make this claim out of the years of experience garnered by our team in the job of repairing and customizing trailers for residential nod commercial use. At POLTrailer the trailers you salvage from a junk yard are the trailers that stand out in a fleet. To this nod, we undertake dedicated services in trailer upgrades such as:

· Painting and sandblasting
· Complete remodeling jobs, internally and externally
· Restructuring trailer space
· Improving trailer aesthetics

POLTrailer is your one stop shop solution for all your trailer needs. We design complete trailer solutions, green and otherwise. If you own a trailer, don’t let it lie in the yard or go-down for some tiny technical flaw or the need for remodeling. Our solutions are cost effective and come along with insurance and a personal company guarantee for satisfaction. All the equipment and engineering technology used by the POLTrailer team is state of the art and upgrades within the industry. POLTrailer gives you trailers that surpass expectations.