I never imagined that my scrap yard fancy could be brought to life. But POL Trailer did the incredible! I now commercially run a trailer that was once confined to a scrap yard, thanks to these guys. They had her up and functional and gave my business a consignment targeted vehicle…  John Butterline

  Our park trailer needed an upgrade badly. When Benny mentioned POL Trailer, a company that the neighboring Neesons had invested in, I decided to give it a try. The team not only gave me exactly the dimensional redefining I wanted but also the most cost effective pricing. Thanks guys, you are the best… . Nancy Wagner

  With consignments growing out of the business shed, I was happy with the profits but not with the way my products were making it across the region. POL Trailer helped me to redesign the trailer I was using to capitalize on the space I had on hand and even save a beauty in the scrap yard… . Kelly Nayor

  Our holiday trailer is everything I wanted it to be and more. Thanks to the in house and on job teams at POL Trailer, they gave me a living and storage space that not only makes the trailer the perfect holiday home, but also converts easily into a mobile office whenever I need it. Nancy Wagner